How To Stay Afloat In A Down Economy


Ships in the Harbor (Newport, OR June-08)

Ships in the Harbor (Newport, OR June-08)


Many people are watching the stock market closely. Down, down, down the line journeys. And up. up. up our temptation to panic grows.

So as small business owners, many of us are wondering how we can stay afloat during the downward spiral.

Here are some ideas to keep your business up and running in troubled times:

  •  Put together a company press kit: Talk yourself up. Include a bio of yourself and a brief overview of your company. (Shameless plug: I do this for a number of my clients and would be happy to provide advice on this subject)
  • Make a bigger marketing splash:Discover the power of a paid-search advertising. You can instantly see results and then channel the exact target market that is out there looking for you. 
  • Hire/Retain Employees Wisely: With so many companies laying off employees, highly-talented people are out there searching for new jobs. Take advantage of the talent pool and hire someone you might not have had a chance to employ before now. It doesn’t matter if you hire someone new or you retain your current workforce, bottom line, make sure you take an ample amount of time to train them.
Whatever your current situation, each one of us must think about our business in a different light and hold on tight. One thing is for sure, in an economy like this, things are going to change. It’s up to you to make sure it’s a positive change.
Best to all-

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