Have You Downloaded A Widget Today?


You probably already know what a widget is, but just so everyone is on the same page of music, It’s a mini software application that is downloadable to browsers, desktops and social-networking pages.

The latest buzz about the Internet world is that widgets are working and helping companies get noticed without having a flashy TV campaign that cost millions of dollars, although some are still doing that too (that’s a whole different blog). It’s upping companies advertising impressions in a whole new way.

Just ask Southwest Airlines. Their Southwest Ding widget allows customers to choose various travel destinations that appeal to them and when a low rate for that destination is available, the infamous “Southwest Ding” sounds off and the low rate appears upon the customer’s screen.

This is just one example of how the internet and widgets are changing the way we do business and benefit, as consumers, from various companies and the value the offer.

So how do you make widgets wow your customers? Here are 3 ways to have widgets work wonders with your biz.

1) Suggest widgets to your clients that will help them streamline processes within their business. See IBM’s-Build Your Own Case widget.

2) Find widgets that can help your business and post them on your web page. It shows you are up to date on technology and gives visitors to your website helpful tools to help manage their day-to-day business needs. See NetVibes. (They help businesses, ad agencies and entrepreneurs create widgets that help build business and provide client’s with solutions.)

3) Make a lasting impression and keep your customer base coming back for more. See Nike. They are constantly looking for ways to captivate, motivate and educate their audience. It’s why their customers are so loyal and continue to wait for the next big “Nike Thing”.

Take a look around the web. See what’s new. Discover how widgets are can make a difference in the way you do business.

The following are a few links to get you started:

Widget Box

NetVibes Ecosystem

Happy Widgeting-

Sarah @ Dog-Eared Pages


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