What is your ‘New’ plan?


It’s the first week back from the holidays and let’s face it, that brings a whole basketful of thoughts to mind. Some are trying to set lofty resolutions while others are trying to figure out just how to roll out of bed and head off to a job they hate. So for all of you out there who seem to find themselves in the second category, I have a special treat for you …

Run, don’t walk to your local library or bookstore and pick up a copy of Don’t Send  A Resume, by Jeffery J. Fox. A dear friend of mine is currently reading this book and wanted me to pass it along to the readers of this blog. So here you go …

.Book Cover

Don’t Send A Resume  is a great book and offers hungry jobseekers a game plan when it comes to finding that new job.  I know many people are out there miserable in their current job and even when the economy is not the best, there are still things you can do to land a new job. 

This is the edge on the competition one needs to get ahead today. Learn how to prepare for your interview, what to say when you are there and how your cover letter should be worded to get your foot in the door.

Make time for this quick read. It’s a great first step to meeting your New Year’s Resolution of landing a new job in 2009!

Happy reading!

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One response to “What is your ‘New’ plan?

  1. Ron

    It looks like an interesting book for someone who is looking for a position at a major company. I wonder if his ideas are appropriate for very small businesses. I guess what I’m really curious about is how to approach a job that doesn’t necessarily require a resume. Perhaps a part-time job that is looking for a special person who has skills that “they don’t know they need” but could really use.

    Just wondering!!!

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