Super Bored?

photoOkay so I get it, last night was the Super Bowl and as a marketing professional, I am supposed to have some comment on the commercials that filtered themselves between the clash of two teams. Since everyone is looking for my opinion, I thought instead I would ask yours and post your comments for my readers to see this week. Here’s a link to all of the Super Bowl ads (from Ad Age). Tell me your top three favorites and at the end of the week I will post the results. It’s a great break from a typical Monday. 


Sarah @Dog-Eared Pages



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2 responses to “Super Bored?

  1. Ron

    I know you asked for us to vote for the top three but I don’t know what standards to use in deciding which ones came out on top.

    Having stated that, I did NOT like the commercials that feature peopled getting hurt. It seems to me that I am in the minority on this issue, but I don’t see the “advertising” value in promoting a product by literally showing violence.

    Just my opinion, but wouldn’t it be better for advertising to have a set of standards that controls violence in commercials similar to the control of smoking cigarettes?

    When I was young, all of the major brands of cigarettes would advertise by showing people smoking. I never see that anymore. Why? I suppose they don’t because if they did, it might cause someone to start or continue smoking. Doesn’t the same logic apply to violence?

    Just wondering about the ethics of advertising.

    This is a nice blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Many thanks for the awsome article. I am going to keep an observation on your website, i allready added it to personal list 🙂

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