Overcome By Too Much Data to Digest?

picture-4Let’s face it, there’s a ton of information out there to take in, comprehend and utilize in the business world. From latest industry trends, to measuring the effectiveness of your marketing message, you have a heavy load to lift. 

Here’s my gift to you. Read the latest article by Garrick Schmitt about Data Visualization. What’s Data Visualization? Well read the article first, but for those of you who are short on time and need to move on to your next source of info, it’s a whole new way to present stories that are engaging. No, not Mother Goose, but taking the info you have obtained along the business owner journey and using it for the betterment of your clients. Basically, it’s a whole new way to inform others about upcoming events, products and services on a more personal and targeted communication level. It’s not just using words (sigh), it’s using visual cues to capture interest and hold attention for more than 1.5 seconds.

Check this article out and then start thinking about your company. How can the information you already have help your clients? Is it possible you could obtain more clients? It’s a whole new eye-opening experience, so enjoy the journey.

Happy Viewing-

Sarah @ Dog-Eared Pages


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