Are you a Wordy Worderson?

words3I have to admit my love for words is a bit of a sickness.  I confess, I have a problem and honestly, I try to get away from the keyboard, especially on beautiful day like this, as much as I can. So trust me – I understand your problem with writing too many words.

Call it what you like, but when I jump on a website that has a ton of sentences and word combos, it looks like a bunch of ants charging across my screen and suddenly my eyes cross. I wonder, do your clients think the same thing? Yes, I think so. Brevity is the new spice of life and I admit, it does make for much easier reading. 

Here’s how to cut the word clutter and kick the wordy habit:

1) Punch it with a bullet: Use bullet points to easily list important points in phrase format. No, your 3rd grade English teacher won’t object. Get your point across quickly and catch the reader’s eye with bulleting.

2) Say it with less: Don’t use the same words over and over and over and … okay you get it. Sweet and to the point-(here’s some ways to do so). Who likes to read the same words twice? The same words twice?

3) Overarching descriptions without getting caught in the weeds: Give your readers the main idea of what you’re trying to say and stop! You can give them a further explanation in person. Don’t loose your readers in tangled wording.  Honestly, who wants to try and understand how a circular saw works online? Yes Jim I am talking to you!

These are just a few tips to help avoid making your customer’s run away from your marketing materials. More to come soon.

Happy Wording Chopping!

Sarah @Dog-Eared Pages


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