You’ve Got … A FULL Inbox!

I just read an interesting article about email marketing which states:

“Forrester Research projects that consumers will receive more than 9,000 e-mail marketing messages a year by 2014.”

Instantly, I found myself thinking …

“Okay what filters can I set”

“What Spam settings will help”

“What will we do”

And then … I stopped. What will we as marketing professionals do? I seem to find myself asking this more an more each day. With the newest release of iPhone’s 3.o upgrade, I have received at least 4 emails from Mac with tidbits of what to expect (not that I am complaining-I so love Mac!) And, just imagine all the new apps that will be promoted with email …. oh my ….

Picture-3So back to my point- what shall we do as marketing professional with all this email marketing? Some believe advertisers will fully embrace all that is social media. While others are saying that email will over take the social media place. What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments. Share them with us.


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