About Sarah Daly & Dog-Eared Pages

LogoSarah Daly is the owner of Dog-Eared Pages (DEP), an innovative creative marketing and advertising company that offers clients the chance to get their current marketing efforts out of the doghouse. Daly brings over 10 years of award-winning, diverse writing and marketing experience to every project. Check out more about Dog-Eared Pages at www.dogearedpgs.com.

From brands like Procter & Gamble, Time Warner, Bayer and USAA, to start-up companies throughout the nation, Daly has worked with a variety of clients, tackling every creative endeavor with exuberance and exceptional customer service.

hire-dep-logoTo hire Dog-Eared Pages, contact Sarah at:


2 responses to “About Sarah Daly & Dog-Eared Pages

  1. @TheGirlPie

    Delighted to find your site. Love your header image (looks like my bookshelf, wondering what those titles are!), and your typeface and your open design… looking forward to reading your content.

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