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Opps … Your Brand Is Showing

If you haven’t had a chance to catch the Oscar winner for best animated short, Logorama, here’s a quick clip.

It’s a marketing geeks paradise I admit, but what an ingenious idea … branding, branding, branding as far as the eye can see. Who would have thought a movie made entirely of company logos would turn so many heads? Not only did it turn my head, it got me to thinking about my client’s and their branding.

What would it be to have no Branding?

Think of it. How would your company function if you didn’t brand yourself? Customers walk into your store or call your customer representative and while you may be a great service provider, they can’t seem to refer you any business and actually forget about you.

Like it or not, without branding you have no name, no logo, no tagline, no selling features; it’s just you and a desk and a handful of employees. Frightening.  What’s worse, without being able to talk about your company, remember you have no naming convention, you have to say “we”, “us”, and throw out the “we’re #1 in client satisfaction”. This is why branding is so very important.

Play the “I Spy” game of branding.

Often I have my clients play “I Spy” with the brands around them. I know, I spent way too much time when I was younger sitting in the backseat of the car on family vacations trying to pass the time … But seriously, take a look around you. What brands do you “Spy”? How are they different from one another? How are the same? Which ones stand out from the others? When you start to think about other people’s brands, you remove the emotional attachment of your own brand and clearly begin to see what works and what doesn’t.

Tip: Ignite Your Brand

Make a list of the brands that are around your place of employment. How do they motivate you? Do they motivate you to do anything or are they just “pretty”? Now, take what you have seen and turn inward to your current brand. Are you motivating people to do anything? Do people even know you exist?

Play “I Spy” and take the journey to a new and improved branding experience.

Happy Branding-

Sarah @ Dog-Eared Pages

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Does Your Biz Card Work For You?

Here’s the senerio, you’re at a “networking event” and you’re approached by a fellow competitor who asks for your business card.  If you’re like many people I talk to, you reluctantly take out your card, hand it to them, hoping to hear, “wow that’s a great card.” Most of the time let’s face it, putting yourself out there on a piece of paper isn’t easy. 

So why do many people cut corners when it comes to business cards? After all, this is the first impression many potential clients have of your business. Think about giving out your card this way. As the recipient puts the card in their pocket, they now have a tangible impression that they can hang onto and refer to when needing an expert. So what you have to say and how you say it better be memorable.

What makes a card stand out? Yesterday I was at a networking event and collected a few cards and I also threw in some cards I have picked up recently. Take a look at what I found.


Biz card collection Sept. 08

Biz card collection Sept. 08

As you can see the cards that stand out the most are:

  • colorful, have photos or eye-catching graphics
  • have a different shape, incorporating rounded corners
  • provide a clear vision statement (as a writer this is the first thing I look for-yes I am that geeky)

Now I understand that in some industries this color/unique shape is an easier sell than others. For instance, if you focus on a highly corporate target market, a card that is purple with a flying pink pig, might not be a good idea. But that’s just it.  It’s not just the design, it’s getting your brand out there. Who are you? What do you do? Is that clearly stated on your card?   At the end of the day, does your card pass the trash test?

Need some inspiration? Check out Flicker!  Or if you have the design already in you mind you can create some unique cards at Moo!

Happy Card Creating!

Share your cards with me, I’d love to see what you create to make a lasting impression!

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