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Be Still My Freelancing Heart

After reading an article entitled More businesses are using freelancers, experts say on CNN.com, I had to write a quick post to share with you. Here’s some insight that might prove helpful in your business, at your job or even in your search for a new job.picture-4 

According to this article, many people, like myself, are seeing a positive spin on their businesses. It seems that many companies are discovering how to work smarter, not harder by eliminating unnecessary expenses when looking for creative marketing solutions. Businesses see the value of working with what is termed as Solopreneurs on a project-by-project basis. While the larger companies are still out there doing huge marketing campaigns, many small- to medium-sized businesses are using targeted marketing tactics like social media to get their message out there in a cost-effective way. 

So what does this mean to people searching for jobs in this new arena? Well, think like a small business owner. Where would a potential employer cut first? What’s more, how can you fill this need? What tactics can you use to leverage yourself into a job that is a win-win for both of you?

What I ask of you is this. If you are looking for creative talent, and your resources that are ‘in house’ are swamped with work, or have limited creativity, turn to a freelancer that specializes in what you do. Freelancers are a cost effective move as they don’t require benefits, are able to focus on your project with minimal distractions and bring a background of problem solving solutions they have seen work in a variety of businesses. For more, check out my blog post 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Freelance Writer. 

All the best-

Sarah @ Dog-Eared Pages


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5 Reasons You Should Hire a Freelance Writer (Part 3 of a 3 part series)


Newburg, Oregon-June 08

Newburg, Oregon-June 08

Flowers come in all shapes, colors and sizes and I think that’s why I am always drawn to their beauty. No two are alike and they always surprise me. Intertwining with other flowers that complement their beauty. I think words often work in the same way.

When you begin to craft your message, you want a person who knows how to arrange and bend words in a fashion that catches attention, complements your your business ideals and produces outstanding results.

This brings us to the final 2 reasons why hiring a freelance writer is key to your messaging success.

4) Well-Crafted Copywriting Skills

When you set out to create a strong message that radiates with your clients, hire a freelance writer with a diverse background of skills.  Why you ask?

It’s been my experience that most of the time when you ask your employees to create the marketing message, they may already be involved with other facets of your company and may not have the time to focus on the messaging development. Furthermore, your employees are geared to get the job completed and on time. They may cut corners when it comes to researching the audience and knowing the competition.

Freelancers are also concerned about meeting deadlines, but this isn’t a primary focus. The number one focus for a freelancer is to be the best writer they can be. Make sure all the “i”s are dotted and “t”s are crossed, so to speak. After all, they are constantly competing against other writers for projects and at the end of the day, they want to ensure their client is generating the leads they need to grow their business. 

What’s more, if you don’t have a writer at your disposal able to craft headlines generating results for your company, your entire message could get missed. According to advertising great David Ogilvy’s book Ogilvy on Advertising, Ogilvy says that five times as many people read headlines as read body copy. That’s huge. So what your headline says better be a solid first impression. (Look to these checkpoints for strong headline creation-How are your current headlines doing?)

Newburg, OR June 2008

Newburg, OR June 2008



5) A Full Staff of Writers In One Person-Multiple personalities mean multiple sales

Ask any freelance writer if they spend all of their time writing and you’ll get a unanimous “no”. What were else are the spending their time besides word manipulation? For most, they spend hours being their own editors, researchers and customer care representative. So when you want words that make an impact, yet do so with clarity and results, a freelancer is a solid option.

Many times a staff writer only has time to write, then the copy goes to someone else to proofread. Plus, the writer may have had to get a researcher involved in the process before words went to paper. This causes concern as the person who chose the research may not have the same interpretation of the “marketing objective” as the writer or even the editor. When you use one person, the message has more clarity and is crafted with one idea and not three different ideas. Having a clear and concise message means your customers will understand what you are selling and make your phone ring.

So as you can see, there’s many reasons to hire a freelancer. Maybe you just have extra workflow that your staff can’t get to, or you want a fresh perspective. No matter what your reason for hiring a freelancer it’s a good idea to ask a few questions, get to know their style and always ask to see examples of their work.

Next week, we’ll discuss how to interview a copywriter and some important questions you should have answered before they put pen to paper. 

Best of hiring-

Sarah @ Dog-Eared Pages


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What’s Your Passion?

As many of you know, I just got back from the Creative Freelancer Conference in Chicago and I am excited about many new ideas, tools and people I encountered while I was there. If you’ve ever been to a conference on a topic that really fits you, you know how easy it is to get trapped in the excitement and feel by the end of the week that you could move any mountain that stands in your way. Last week, of course, I felt the same way.

Day 2 of Conference-Speaker Joan Gladstone

Day 2 of Conference-Speaker Joan Gladstone



I bring this up as I think I may have found the secret ingredient to keeping that enthusiasm you feel sustained, long after you’ve unpacked your bags and realize that the weird looking thing in your fridge is leftover meatloaf you forgot to throw out before you headed out on your journey.

It’s what I call professional passion. Sounds interesting, but seriously I feel it’s the key to keeping your business sustained and fresh. Read more about rediscovering your passion. See what Sean M. Lyden the principal and senior writer of The Professional Writing Firm Inc., a Kennesaw, Georgia, has to say about discovering your passion.

While I was at the conference, I bumped into a woman from El Salvador. Yes, someone had made the trek to Chicago all the way from Central America just to discover the world of freelancing. As college student in El Salvador, this ambitious designer told me the reason she was at the conference was because she noticed the word “freelancing” in an ad for the conference and was curious. Of course being a writer, hearing that someone selected a conference based on a word … well, I was all ears. Don’t you wish your clients were always this interested?

After talking to her I walked away realizing one thing. What brought this student all the way from Central America to the midwest was passion. I wonder, how many of us still have that eager passion which propelled us into the professions that we currently hold? I know for myself it started with helping others problem solve and my love for connecting with people. Yes, that’s the focus of my company Dog-Eared Pages, but I wonder, do we get bogged down by the day-to-day operation of our businesses and forget what lit our fire in the beginning?

I offer this advice. Spend at least 10 minutes 3 times a week reflecting on your professional passion and then take action. Here’s some questions to get you started.

  • Why did you choose your industry?
  • What brings you to work each day?
  • Is there something missing from your current work situation that keeps you from living your professional passion? What can you do to change it?
  • How can you take your professional passion and make it a central part of your daily routine?
  • If you aren’t passionate about your work situation, what can you do to get there?
Send me an email. Tell me some of your professional passions and how you plan to tap into those central themes to lift your business to the next level. I’d love to share your story with our readers.
Have a great weekend-

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