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Bikers, BBQ and Better Biz

This weekend my husband and I hit the road for the annual MS-150 Bike Ride. This year I took the short route, as I really hadn’t made the commitment to train as hard this year as I did in the past. He however had been training since May and was set.  Still even with a shorter ride, people were shouting words of encouragement to all the riders, which seemed to make the ride, along with the promise of BBQ at the end, somewhat painless.

As I continued my ride I got to thinking about training and encouragement.  What was it that held me back from training this year? Starting a new business? Hills? Fear of not finishing? Or just not organizing my schedule to allow time for myself? Who was shouting out and encouraging me along the way?

While many of us struggle to make time to exercise through out the week, we know how important it is. Your business is no different.

I ask what are you doing to “train for next year”? Better yet, do you have a coach, co-workers or a mentor standing on the side cheering you all the way to the finish line? What have been some of the road blocks in the past? Share your thoughts with me.

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Have a great week and get to thinking about your plan for the road ahead.

Sarah @ Dog-Eared Pages

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