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Time Is Money

Recently I started reading a book that has been out forever. How I missed it, I’ll never know. But a friend of mine, Shawn Kinkade, highly recommended it, so I ran out to the bookstore and settled down to read something that has really transformed the way I am doing business.


If you’re looking for a way to help keep on task, break your day into bite-sizes pieces and actually manage your time effectively, Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time by Brian Tracy is a must.

First of all, it’s a quick, easy read. So for all of you out there that “put things off”, like I don’t know … reading … this book shatters that excuse. What’s more, Tracy discusses key concepts in why many small business owners struggle to “Eat that Frong” as he calls it. Besides the fact that you wear tons of hats, being a business owner is tiring, so the thought of actually sitting down to organize your day sounds absurd to say the least. Trust me I was with you before I read the book.

What I have discovered is that it actually takes more time to put off those big tasks we wish to avoid. So I ask what is the Frog that you constantly avoid swallowing on a daily basis? Could it be by making yourself take a huge bit of that task, you actually could be clearing your schedule, head and workspace of something that could generate a much larger return?

Here’s the most important thing I learned in this book. Instead of keeping all the tasks, goals and ideas you have as an entrepreneur in your mind, generate a list on paper. No matter what it is, write it down. Often, I would find myself keeping everything in my mind and feeling overwhelmed. Once I started writing it down, not only did I feel invigorated that I had let go of all the tasks, but now I had a way to visually cross off things. What’s more, I discovered that 80% of my time was spend on things that only generated 5-20% of successful return for my company.

All this said, no matter what business you are in, no matter what title you hold, managing your time is a cost effective way to increase business productivity. Plus, you’ll have a chance to clear the slate, start something new and actually create a plan that makes “cents”.

Go out and read Eat That Frog. I must admit it’s already done wonders for me both personally and professionally.

Happy Frog Swallowing!

Sarah @ Dog-Eared Pages

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The Winds of Change


They call it the windy city … Chicago. Trust me, I’ve been there when the wind is billowing and yes, it is windy to say the least. However, last week, it was a different wind that blew life into my sails and set me on an exciting new course.  Last week I attended the first ever Creative Freelancer Conference in Chicago and I must say I learned some amazing things that I can’t wait to share with each of you.

Day 1-Creative Freelancer Conference-Chicago-Aug-08

Day 1-Creative Freelancer Conference-Chicago-Aug-08


First of all, a huge shout out must go to conference co-founders Illise Benun & Peleg Top, Dyana Valentine (girl, you have some energy!) and of course who could forget the Communicatrix, Colleen Wainwright – that’s only a few of the astounding people I met at the conference. Their enthusiasm for generating creative solutions that exceed clients’ expectations was infectious and in the weeks to come you’ll hear me talk about them even more. 

With that said I want to get you thinking and give you a little teaser for things to come. Here’s a few questions to ponder …


  • What is your company currently encountering, that makes daily success difficult?
  • Do you struggle with time management?
  • How can you effectively structure your week to get more done? (yes, you can do this!)
  • What’s the best way to motivate your staff?
  • Is social networking a good idea for your company? For you personally?
Start thinking! Send me an email with your thoughts. I’d love to point you in the direction of exciting and proven solutions. Bottom line, this is a place for you to gather insight, tips, tricks or even take 5 minutes for yourself to breathe and refocus your business efforts in a positive, fulfilling way.
Now is the time to get your current marketing efforts out of the doghouse!
Speaking of dogs, check out the picture of the Chicago dog I ate-yum heartburn city!
Chi-Dog @ Wrigley Aug. 08

Chi-Dog @ Wrigley Aug. 08

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Wishing you the best-

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