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The Results Are Here

As promised, the results for your favorite Super Bowl commercial are in and what’s more, many of you had some pretty good thoughts about why you chose or didn’t choose. 

The winning commercial was :

Now some of you mentioned that you didn’t like this spot as it seemed like many of the ads this year centered around people getting hurt. And while others thought that was funny, many commented that it seemed as if Doritos sold out to just making their ads slapstick for kicks. While “funny” sells, bottom line does it pass the marketing test? Would you remember what product was being sold? I am sure you do as there has been a ton of buzz about this particular commercial. But, if there wasn’t any buzz, would you remember?

Other people commented that they would love to have a crystal ball they could throw around at their co-workers. Glad I don’t work with some of you. (chuckle) Much like anything in advertising it is a subjective thing and everyone has their own perspective. That’s why marketing is fun and can be a constant challenge for those of us trying to appeal to the masses. 

Thanks to all of you that participated in the Super Bored poll. Keep reading for more.

Happy ad watching-

Sarah @ Dog-Eared Pages

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Super Bored?

photoOkay so I get it, last night was the Super Bowl and as a marketing professional, I am supposed to have some comment on the commercials that filtered themselves between the clash of two teams. Since everyone is looking for my opinion, I thought instead I would ask yours and post your comments for my readers to see this week. Here’s a link to all of the Super Bowl ads (from Ad Age). Tell me your top three favorites and at the end of the week I will post the results. It’s a great break from a typical Monday. 


Sarah @Dog-Eared Pages


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